AMD Package- Advanced Molecular Destruction for Spent caustic Treatment

Spent caustic streams from the downstream of the oil and gas industry consist of very high Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) levels and several other hazardous contaminants such as sulfides, mercaptans, sodium salts etc. Due to these contaminants in refinery spent caustic, these wastewaters are difficult to treat and very harmful to the environment. Consequently, spent caustic wastewater treatments can be both challenging and expensive.

These complex wastewaters are difficult to treat using conventional processes. Traditionally, various spent caustic disposal techniques were adopted for disposal of spent caustics such as: deep well injection, biological treatment with careful dosage, incineration, wet air oxidation or disposal off-site. KSA’s spent caustic wastewater treatment systems offer the best alternative to conventional treatment.

This is our now patented technology AMD Package (Advance Molecular Destruction) which provides significant efficiency and commercial savings over conventional designs. This technology also increases system uptime, performance and reliability and reduces operational costs through extension of produce high concentration hydroxyl. This technology will be used to other wastewater with high pollutants.

 KSA’s solution to this problem is the modified AOP technology. The process uses simple chemistry, operates at or near ambient pressure and temperature, and is flexible enough to handle phenolic, sulfidic, naphthenic or ethylene plant caustics individually or in mixed streams.

 KSA offer the AMD Package for treatment Spent Caustic. AMD (Advanced Molecular Destruction) be able to produce high concentration of hydroxyl radicals compare with any oxidants. On the other hand pre-treatment Spent Caustic in AMD package is used by new method neutralization. The carbonizer has been developed to neutralize spent caustic. In this package Oil and TSS are also separated.