Product &Technology Development

KSA continue to improve upon conventional designs and products used in the water and wastewater treatment packages and strategic products in Oil&Gas field industry. Our aim is to improve the quality of systems whilst driving down operational costs.

Pilot testing

KSA design, construct and operate pilot plants to assist us in developing new technologies and designs for the treatment of SPENT CAUSTIC. This is our now patented technology AMD Package (Advance Molecular Destruction) which provides significant efficiency and commercial savings over conventional designs. This technology also increases system uptime, performance and reliability and reduces operational costs through extension of produce high concentration hydroxyl. This technology will be used to other wastewater with high pollutants.

Also KSA has been developed knowledge to produce a strategic product in gas refinery as called H2S Sensing Tape for the first time in Iran.

 The other technology that KSA has been developed is a super solvent for removal hydrocarbon sludge from operational equipment (i.e. Heat exchangers, Towers and etc). This product which is called KSA-EZSOL 01 was tested successfully in 6th refinery of south pars gas complex (SPGC) in asaluyeh.

Product Innovation

In addition to the above, we are currently developing other product enhancements for use in the water and wastewater treatment and in Oil &Gas industries. These include a modified AMINE RECLAMATION UNIT to remove organic salts and chloride. Also the new carbonizer reactor for neutralization wastewater such as spent caustic developed.