Production of oil brings with it the production of vast quantities of water. This produced water may be disposed of or re-used for purposes such as well re-injection, agriculture and cooling water among others. Produced water typically presents challenging process conditions which necessitates the use of extensive and varied treatment techniques.

As a minimum, Produced Water Treatment typically involves the removal of free and emulsified oil as well as suspended solids. This involves the use of technology such as API Separators, Corrugated Plate Interceptor (CPI), Hydrocyclones, Induced Gas Flotation (IGF), Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF), Nutshell Media Filtration and Ceramic Membranes. Recovered oil is then sold to generate additional revenue. There is often a requirement for further produced water treatment which may involve the removal of hardness, salinity, dissolved gases and Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRB).

KSA has been developed a package to reduce TDS from high salinity effluent (such as produce water and seawater). This package removes TDS by chemical and provides significant efficiency and commercial savings over conventional designs.