technical servises

System Health Check

Our unique experience in the design and operation of water and wastewater treatment systems means we are well placed to provide independent audits to evaluate a plants performance. Our system audits are based on detailed reviews of past and present operating data and review of operational procedures. This is followed by a site visit to carry out a physical inspection of the system and to conduct operator interviews. All findings are presented in a report which includes recommendations on how to improve current operations.

۲۴/۷ Maintenance Support

KSA have a dedicated operational support team which can provide office and/or site based specialist assistance on a full time basis.

Remote Monitoring

KSA remotely monitor plants operational parameters and trend future performance expectations. Regular monitoring of data allows anomalies in plant performance to be highlighted, thus increasing the resolution of issues before they escalate.


In the event of any major problems arising which compromise a plants availability or performance, KSA can immediately provide specialist assistance to ensure the issue is dealt with quickly and efficiently.