Seawater treatment processes typically consist of either reverse osmosis or nano filtration spiral wound membranes.  KSA are experts in both membrane types and provide a number of related services including:

  •  Membrane Supply & Installation
  • Membrane Testing
  • Chemical Cleaning (on and off site)
  • Characterization and loading plans
  • Autopsies

Further details of these services can be found below.

Supply & Installation

KSA have a broad knowledge of all membrane manufacturers’ products available on the market meaning we can advise on the best product to meet specific project requirements.

KSA can provide onsite management of all membrane change-out activities. This service includes provision of a loading plan to optimize the system should a partial change-out out be required.


We offer a unique service to set up and monitor an in situ or pilot test of membranes either on or off site. This allows us to provide real performance data to the end user to help select the best membrane for their needs.

Chemical Cleaning & Characterization

KSA can provide onsite and offsite cleaning services. For onsite cleaning we can review and enhance existing cleaning procedures and provide training to operating staff.  For offsite cleaning we offer a service to refurbish and re-preserve used membranes

The offsite cleans are far more effective at removing any fouling from the membrane compared to a standard clean in place (CIP). This option is well suited to systems that have a spare train or a set of spare membranes, which are available for use during membrane cleaning

Once the membranes have been cleaned they are all performance tested and characterized. This allows us to devise a detailed loading plan of the membranes to further optimize the system upon their reinstalment.


In order to learn the specific make up of fouling in a system KSA can carry out a detailed autopsy of a sample of membranes from the system. A full report will be produced along with recommendations on how to prevent and treat any issues found.